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This section covers book length treatments of Ballard - bibliographies, critical works, and anthologies. For a more comprehensive listing of secondary literature on Ballard, both books and articles, see Umberto Rossi's The Critical Exhibition

J. G. BALLARD: A BIBLIOGRAPHY (ed. J. Goddard), Cypher Press, 1970

An early bibliography, photostated and with a tape binding. This is a scarce publication.

J G Ballard: A Bibliography, 1970

J. G. BALLARD: THE FIRST TWENTY YEARS (ed. J. Goddard & D. Pringle), Bran's Head Books, 1976

Published in both hardback and paperback editions, The First Twenty Years contains a bibliography, a lengthy interview with Ballard, and a number of articles on various aspects of Ballard's work. Copies are usually available on Abebooks.

J.G. Ballard: The First Twenty Years, 1976


A short critical appreciation of Ballard, by his chief bibliographer, published in paperback (there may also have been a hardback edition). This is actually an expanded version of an earlier essay by Pringle.

Earth Is the Alien Planet, 1978


This is the definitive bibliography of Ballard's work, although now rather out of date. It also contains an extensive interview with Ballard and an introductory article by David Pringle. Published in hardback, apparently without a dust jacket. This is a difficult book to find.

A Primary and Secondary Bibliography, 1984

RE/SEARCH #8/9: J. G. BALLARD, Re/Search, 1984

The first of numerous books by or about Ballard from the idiosyncratic publishers Re/Search from San Francisco. This is a large format, illustrated paperback packed with interviews, articles, and extracts from Ballard's work. Of particular interest is the inclusion of some of Ballard's more obscure work, such as his 'advertiser's announcements', and his collages dating from the 1950s.

This book has been reprinted on several occasions.

Re/Search 8/9, 1984

J. G. BALLARD (P. Brigg), Starmont House, 1985

A book length critical appreciation published in paperback; there was also a hardback edition which had an imitation leather binding with a paper cover pasted to the front. An uncommon book in either format, although it is now also available on a print-on-demand basis.

J. G. Ballard, 1985

OUT OF THE NIGHT AND INTO THE DREAM (G. Stephenson), Greenwood Press, 1991

Another critical appreciation, from a very definite and singular perspective, published in hardback and without a dust jacket. Despite being reasonably common on Abebooks, the prices asked for a copy of Out of the Night are frequently rather outlandish, possibly because it was originally published as a high-priced academic book. There are however occasional copies on Abe or eBay priced at much more reasonable levels. 

Out of the Night and into the Dream, 1991

CRASH (D. Cronenberg), Faber & Faber, 1996

The script for Cronenberg's film adaptation of the novel Crash.

Crash, 1996

THE ANGLE BETWEEN TWO WALLS (R. Luckhurst), Liverpool University Press, 1997

A critical appreciation with an emphasis on genre and literary theory, published in both hardback and paperback editions. Also published in the U.S. by St. Martin's Press/Palgrave Macmillan.

The Angle Between Two Walls, 1997

J. G. BALLARD (M. Delville), Northcote House Publishers, 1998

Another critical appreciation, published in paperback. 

J. G. Ballard, 1998

CRASH (I. Sinclair), British Film Institute, 1999

A book length discussion of Cronenberg's film of Crash by the author Iain Sinclair, which includes a discussion with Ballard; published in paperback.

Crash, 1999

J. G. BALLARD: QUOTES, Re/Search, 2004

A glossy paperback full of quotes from Ballard and his works - 400 pages worth! Another excellent Ballard book from Re/Search.

There was also a signed flexibind paperback edition, which was limited to 250 numbered copies.

J. G. Ballard: Quotes, 2004

J. G. BALLARD (A. Gasiorek), Manchester University Press, 2005

A discussion of Ballard's work 'informed, but not dominated by, critical theory'. Published in both hardback (without a dust jacket) and paperback.

J. G. Ballard, 2005


A glossy paperback book of interviews with Ballard, most of which were previously unpublished, and a companion to Re/Search's J. G. Ballard: Quotes.

J. G. Ballard: Conversations, 2005

GRAVE NEW WORLD (D. Oramus), University of Warsaw, 2007

Oramus's book considers Ballard's fiction as 'a record of the gradual internal degeneration of Western civilisation in the second half of the twentieth century.' It was published by the University of Warsaw in a non-profit edition (150 copies only) principally intended for Polish universities and libraries, and hence was never actually available for purchase by the public. The author had written an earlier book on Ballard, The Voices of Disaster: J. G. Ballard and the Disaster Story Tradition in England (2005), which was also published by the University of Warsaw with a similarly limited distribution. An expanded edition of Grave New World was published by The Terminal Press in 2015.

Grave New World, 2007

Grave New World, 2015

J. G. BALLARD. AUTÒPSIA DEL NOU MIL·LENNI, Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona, 2008

The catalogue for the exhibition J. G. Ballard. Autopsy of the new millennium, which ran in Barcelona during 2008. The profusely illustrated text is in Catalan, with translations into Spanish and English at the end of the book. As well as describing the various sections of this excellent and imaginatively conceived exhibition, there are essays on Ballard by the likes of V. Vale and Vicente Luis Mora.

J. G. Ballard. Autòpsia del nou mil·lenni, 2008

J. G. BALLARD: CONTEMPORARY CRITICAL PERSPECTIVES (ed. Jeannette Baxter), Continuum, 2008

 A volume of critical essays, plus an interview with Ballard; published in both paperback and hardback.

J. G. Ballard: Contemporary Critical Perspectives, 2008


Another book-length critical study, published in an illustrated hardback edition. Jeannette Baxter considers how Ballard's fiction is informed by his surrealist influences.

J. G. Ballard's Surrealist Imagination, 2009

CRASH: HOMAGE TO J. G. BALLARD, Gagosian Gallery, 2010

The catalogue for an exhibition featuring artists who influenced Ballard, or were influenced by him. The exhibition ran at the Gagosian Gallery in London during February to April 2010.

The catalogue reprints a number of Ballard's Miscellaneous Media, namely the advertiser's announcements, the text collage Project for a New Novel, and J. G. Ballard's Court Circular. It also contains an updated bibliography by David Pringle, covering first U.K. and U.S. editions of Ballard's books (novels and collections), as well as short stories, miscellaneous media, and short non-fiction (but excluding interviews and 'round-robins').

Unfortunately, the catalogue is now sold out - and secondhand copies are scarce and expensive.

Crash: Homage to J. G. Ballard, 2010

THE INNER MAN: THE LIFE OF J. G. BALLARD (John Baxter), Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 2011

A biography of Ballard, albeit one written without the cooperation of his long-term partner, Claire Walsh, or his children. Unfortunately it is no better than a piece of hackwork.

The Inner Man: The Life of J. G. Ballard, 2011

THE PSYCHOLOGICAL FICTIONS OF J. G. BALLARD (Samuel Francis), Continuum, 2011

An academic treatise concentrating on Ballard's engagement through his fiction with the likes of Freud, Jung, and Laing.

The Psychological Fictions of J. G. Ballard, 2011

J. G. BALLARD: VISIONS AND REVISIONS (ed. Jeannette Baxter & Rowland Wymer), Palgrave Macmillan, 2011

A volume of academic essays that originate from From Shanghai to Shepperton: An International Conference on J.G. Ballard, held at the University of East Anglia in 2007.

J. G. Ballard: Visions and Revisions, 2011

TERMINAL ATROCITY ZONE: BALLARD (ed. Candice Black), Sun Vision Press, 2013

A short volume that centres on Ballard’s experimental work during the period 1966-1973. It includes two stories which were omitted from in The Complete Short Stories, Journey Across a Crater and Coitus 80, together with the advertiser's announcements, forwards to The Atrocity Exhibition and Crash, a couple of interviews, and some articles on Ballard’s work in this period.  

Terminal Atrocity Zone: Ballard, 2013

THE JG BALLARD BOOK (ed. Rick McGrath), The Terminal Press, 2013

An extensively illustrated anthology of interviews, articles, and other Ballard-related material by the likes of David Pringle, Toby Litt, and Rick Poynor. Self-published and edited by Rick McGrath, and available in both hardcopy and paperback editions.

The JG Ballard Book, 2013


James Bollen’s photographs of Shanghai, which illustrate Ballard’s themes of time, violence, consumerism and surrealism. The book’s foreword is written by Ballard’s daughter, Fay.

Jim’s Terrible City: J G Ballard and Shanghai, 2014

DEEP ENDS: THE J G BALLARD ANTHOLOGY 2014 (ed. Rick McGrath), The Terminal Press, 2014

A second large-format Ballard book from the indefatigable Rick McGrath. This one features an interview  with JGB’s daughter Fay and an appreciation by his daughter Beatrice, plus a reprint of JGB’s prose poem Crystal of the Sea and contributions from Iain Sinclair, Peter Brigg, Dominika Oramus and many more. Available in both hardback and paperback.

Deep Ends: The J G Ballard Anthology 2014


A critical monograph which analyses Ballard’s work from a post-colonial perspective, and considers the extent to which it was shaped by imperialist and post-imperialist histories and sensibilities. “Dr Paddy’s fascinating book explores my father’s fiction within an international context and offers a profound reading of a man who always kept his eyes and mind open to the world” (Fay Ballard).

The Empires of J G Ballard, 2015

DEEP ENDS: THE J. G. BALLARD ANTHOLOGY 2015 (ed. Rick McGrath), The Terminal Press, 2015

Yet another compendium from Rick McGrath’s Terminal Press - this time 300 pages worth, with contributions from Jeannette Baxter, Bernard Sigaud, Chris Beckett, and plenty of others. Available in both hardback and paperback.

Deep Ends: The J G Ballard Anthology 2015

J.G. BALLARD: LANDSCAPES OF TOMORROW (ed. Richard Brown, Christopher Duffy & Elizabeth Stainforth), Brill Rodopi, 2016

A hardback collection of academic articles based on work originally presented at a one-day conference in Leeds in 2014, including papers by Jeannette Baxter and Richard Brown.

Landscapes of Tomorrow, 2016

DEEP ENDS: THE J. G. BALLARD ANTHOLOGY 2016 (ed. Rick McGrath), The Terminal Press, 2016

The fourth in the series of large-format collections from Rick McGrath, with work by Fay Ballard, Luca Del Baldo, Val Vale, Paul Di Filippo, and Bea Ballard among others. Available in both hardback and paperback.

Deep Ends: The J G Ballard Anthology 2016


An examination of the political aspects of Ballard’s work, drawing on critical theorists such as Deleuze, Baudrillard and Foucault, and concentrating on the novels Crash, Concrete Island, Cocaine Nights, Super-Cannes and Millennium People.

J.G.Ballard’s Politics, 2017

J.G. BALLARD (D. Harlan Wilson), University of Illinois Press, 2017

Published as part of the Modern Masters of Science Fiction series, Wilson’s book spans Ballard’s entire career, examining how he “began as, and always remained”, an SF writer.

J.G.Ballard, 2017


Simon Sellars, publisher of the Ballardian web site, explores the relevance of Ballard to the twenty-first century through a semi-autobiographical account of misdirected scholarship and existential angst. Paperback.

Applied Ballardianism, 2018

DEEP ENDS: A BALLARDIAN ANTHOLOGY 2018 (ed. Rick McGrath), The Terminal Press, 2018

Rick McGrath returns with yet another anthology; this time concentrating on Ballard-inspired fiction, artwork and photography. Available in both hardback and paperback.

Deep Ends: A Ballardian Anthology 2018

DEEP ENDS: A BALLARDIAN ANTHOLOGY 2019 (ed. Rick McGrath), The Terminal Press, 2019

A further Deep Ends volume; the authors this time include David Pringle, Maxim Jakubowski, and Jeremy Reed. Available in both hardback and paperback.

Deep Ends: A Ballardian Anthology 2019

ALL THAT MATTER$ED WAS SENSATION (Sandro Moiso), Krisis Publishing, 2019

A previously unpublished 4,000 word interview with Ballard, undertaken by Italian scholar Sandro Moiso in 1992, together with a critical essay by Simon Reynolds. The text is in both English and Italian.

 All That Mattered Was Sensation, 2019

DEEP ENDS: A BALLARDIAN ANTHOLOGY 2020 (ed. Rick McGrath), The Terminal Press, 2020

More from Rick McGrath - with 16 contributions, including articles by Rob Latham, Thomas Frick and Sam Scoggins. Available in both hardback and paperback.

Deep Ends: A Ballardian Anthology 2020

DEEP ENDS: A BALLARDIAN ANTHOLOGY 2021 (ed. Rick McGrath), The Terminal Press, 2021

Rick McGrath’s latest effort includes several pieces of Ballard-inspired fiction. Maxim Jakubowski, Rick Poynor, and  David Pringle are among the contributors. Available in both hardback and paperback.

Deep Ends: A Ballardian Anthology 2021