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'Up the Roding' - An occasional blog about walking in the North East London edgelands and various other places


The “Hard Problem” After Twenty Years: A Flawed Argument? (2014): I was hoping that this would be the last thing I ever wrote about David Chalmers’ argument against materialism. Sadly, I could not leave it alone, and there is more (much more) on the way ...

And here’s a link to my Philosophy notes - a series of notes that I put together as part of an informal research project between 2000 and 2005:

1:  A brief introduction

2:  Mirroring reality: how not to think about the world

3:  An alternative metaphor

4:  Emergence, existence, and explanation

5:  Conscious experiences

6:  In lieu of a conclusion ...

Appendix:  Realism and the physical world


Here's where you can find my articles about the author J. G. Ballard, a number of which have been published over at Ballardian.com: